Elizabeth’s Healing Modality Work

Elizabeth McGlinn is a Prevention Education Consultant who has worked for over 25 years with children and adults in the areas of assault prevention, substance abuse and dysfunctional families. She facilitates the Center’s school programs and trains educators to present the programs at their facilities. She also offers individual healing sessions in the modalities of Emotional Balancing, Inner Child Therapy and Crystal Healing.

You deserve a joyful life. Choose to become more aware and balanced, and take responsibility for the thoughts you think. Whether you think you can, or you can’t, either way you are right!

Emotional Balancing

How we think determines how we feel. Often we take on false, negative beliefs or thoughts about ourselves, and internalize the negative feelings associated with those thoughts. These feelings become blocked within the body and promote dis-ease and dis-comfort. We then keep creating negative situations in a subconscious effort to try to release the suppressed emotions.

Emotional Balancing is the art and practice of using gentle, hands on energy channeling to consciously release the blocked emotions and become aware of the accompanying beliefs. The negative thoughts can then be reviewed and changed to more positive, empowering beliefs.

It is a spiritual truth that our thoughts create our reality. By clearing old, negative thoughts, we create a more positive reality for ourselves, and releasing the negative emotions opens the way for more positive, loving feelings to surface. Our lives then become lives of comfort and ease.

Inner Child Therapy

Inner Child Therapy is the process of gaining conscious contact with your “Inner Child“, those early memories and resulting recorded feelings of childhood. Through the gentle process of memory regression and hands-on energy channeling, past negative experiences are revisited, allowing the suppressed emotions to surface and be released. The accompanying belief systems are uncovered and explored, and either accepted or changed to a more positive truth. Energy channeling clears the emotional blocks within the physical body and aura, facilitating deep insight and clearing.

This process frees the individual from their limiting beliefs and also from the process of creating negative experiences to release the suppressed emotions. Issues, including abandonment, rejection, rage, validation and grief, are the direct result of erroneous belief systems taken on in childhood and recreated in situations in adulthood on a continual basis if not uncovered and transformed.

The ensuing result of Inner Child Therapy is greater empowerment with more joy and happiness. The process also brings forth your true essence, the spiritual being within.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is the art of laying crystal stones to cleanse the aura, release suppressed emotions and connect the individual to their own source of truth.

Kirilian photography has revealed that we are multi-level energy beings who have 7 distinct energy centers, called chakras, which have definite, registered levels of vibrations. When we are fully healthy, our chakras vibrate at their prime level, receiving and emitting balanced energy, and we experience optimum health and emotional well-being. If we have a block, caused by negative beliefs or suppressed emotions, disease or illness is experienced in that corresponding area of the body.

Crystals, which vibrate at nature’s prime level, when placed on the corresponding chakra, bring the vibrational level up to, or back down, to its prime level. In the healing session, the stones become crystalized light forms that, when placed on the chakras, act as a catalyst to integrate more light and energy into the energies of the human aura, which dissolves and dissipates suppressed emotions and neutralizes negative energy. As the aura is infused with light and color from the stones, the individual may experience altered states of awareness, offering the opportunity to utilize the stone’s energy for conscious creative purposes.

The purpose and intention of crystal healing are to assist persons to neutralize, balance, and align their physical, mental and emotional bodies so they can tap their own inner resources of power and healing.

To Find Out More

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or finding out more about any of these services, call or text Positively Yours, Inc. at 609) 335-5503 Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern Standard Time and ask to speak to Elizabeth.

Remember who you really Are – A Spiritual Being on a human journey, always connected to your Source and always seeking to express your Divine perfection!

Religious Science

Religious Science is a religion founded by Dr. Ernest Holmes in 1927. Religious Science is not in opposition to any other religious belief or philosophy. It seeks to bring an awareness of the Truth that exists in all religions. This is a belief that we are all connected, we are all One.

The Science of Mind is the name of the book written by Dr. Ernest Holmes. It became the text and basis for the teaching of Religion as a science, philosophy and religion worldwide. For many, the Science of Mind is not only teaching but a way of life.

Science of Mind embraces many ideas, from many sources. Our teaching is universal and places no one above or below ourselves. We believe that God is available to everyone, equally. We believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, in fact the book; The Science of Mind is largely based upon his teachings. We also believe in the teachings of Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, Mohammed, Mahatma Gandhi, Ralph Waldo Emerson and many more.

Religious Science teaches the age-old wisdom of many of the world’s great religions in a new and contemporary format. We believe that God is the only true inner power. We feel no need to use any “tool” outside of our own consciousness to experience total peace of mind.

We know that we are One with the power of God. As we experience the presence of God within, we know we can let this awesome power do wonderful things through us. We know that we of ourselves do nothing but realize the Divine Truth. It is God that is within that does the work. The premise of Science of Mind rests on the fact that “God Is All There Is”. While we know that we are not all that God is, God is all that we are.

We believe that all discord in our lives arises because at some level we have created a sense of separation from God. This is caused by a belief in duality, in two separate and opposing powers. This duality results from a fear- based belief that we are separate from God and that “negative” things, conditions or individuals are happening outside of ourselves.

In Religious Science we communicate with God in thought and speech through a process we call Spiritual Mind Treatment, or positive prayer. We believe that God has given us all that we need to live a complete, whole, prosperous and healthy life. We only have to accept this fact! A Spiritual Mind Treatment is process used to change our consciousness. A Spiritual Mind Treatment acknowledges to Mind (God) that what we are treating for already exists and is ours. There is never any asking, begging, or supplication – only acceptance.

Religious Science offers practical and definite methods for creating positive life changes. We teach how to heal our lives of any and all discord, fear, superstition, guilt and sense of lack. Wholeness in mind, body and spirit can be found at the very center of who and what we are now.