No. 13 – Our Oneness

Here, we want to talk about our oneness and our interconnectedness to each other on all levels, spiritually, physically and mentally. The awareness that we are all connected is like imagining that we are all the droplets of a cloud, with the cloud being the essence of life. We each play an intricate part in the makeup of life, and we are all equal in our value, no matter what we do. We are one race, on a spiritual journey.

When you also realize that everything is made up of the same atoms, with the molecules spinning at different rates, then you truly realize that physically we are all connected. We’re a moving mass of universal energy, one song in the uni-verse, flowing together, yet seemingly apart and different.

Mentally or telepathically we’re all connected also. Have you ever thought of someone, only to have the phone ring and that person be on the other line? Each person is a cog in the wheel of life. Each person and every action is connected and affects the other, with the experience of life needing each individual person.

We are all one, just some remember and are aware of it more than others. Staying aware of our oneness brings increased health and wellness, as well as joy and peace.

It has been said our only true sin is our forgetfulness of the knowledge that we are all connected to our spiritual source and each other. When we forget that, we act out of fear and express the negative behaviors that are associated with unloving acts. Remember your connection every day and enjoy the peace and security that knowledge brings.