No. 15 – The Law of Giving

Here, we want to talk about the spiritual law of giving or reciprocation. We have talked about the law of cause and effect, of how what we send out comes back, how an act of kindness begets an act of kindness. The law of giving works along those same principles, only when it comes to the law of giving, the principle is multiplied tenfold.

It is truth that as you give from your heart, so you will receive. So often though we don’t give from our heart. We give to get, or give to manipulate situations to go as we would want them to. We do this out of fear and the belief that somehow we will lose part of ourselves, or be depleted and left with less than what we think we need. When we do this, we are forgetting that we are connected to the spiritual source of life and can never be without. We have forgotten our true spiritual nature.

Remembering who we are, we can give freely, as we know we are constantly supplied with everything we need. Our cup is filled to overflowing and we can share it all with each other. We know the cup will stay filled and overflowing as long as we keep emptying it out. There is no fear of lack, because we realize that we have it all, as does everyone else. And we give lovingly from the heart, without thought of gaining anything in return, because there is no need. We let go of the attachments that keep us weighted down, and go more joyously through life. The paradox is that as we give in this way, so the universe responds back with more given unto us!

Remembering our connection to our spiritual source brings peace and serenity in all situations. Staying in that remembrance allows us to give and share freely of life’s gifts and abundance. Practice giving this week, be it love, time, or material things, and experience the joy of receiving all the wonderful feelings and growth it brings to you.