No. 5 – The Law of Acceptance & Divine Order

Here, we want to talk about the Law of Acceptance and Divine Order. Imagine being and resting in the fact that everything is happening for the best, no matter what is happening right now. And imagine for a moment accepting everyone just as they are, knowing they are exactly how they are meant to be just at this moment. And not only is everything OK in your life, but YOU are OK too, just as you are meant to be right now! This is the peace and serenity that comes from living in the law of Acceptance and Divine Order.

We have talked about being spiritual beings on a human journey, always connected to our Source. Being connected to our Spiritual Source, it is wonderful to rest in the knowing that this source will always provide exactly what we need, when we need it. We realize our lives are under the influence of a positive, wonderful, life flow. We live in this constant flow, and often our stresses and problems are the result of us pushing against it, out of fear or unknowing.

Relaxing into the truth of Divine Order, we can affirm it in our lives anytime we feel stressed or when things are not going as we think they should. Staying aware of this truth, we stay in the positive flow of life which is what Divine Order is all about.

Trusting is a fundamental part of accepting this principle. Many of us have a hard time trusting, possibly because of a deep-rooted false belief that life must be hard, or that we don’t deserve the very best that life has to offer. We think it can’t be this easy. But trusting is a part of our Spiritual growth and by affirming Divine Order whenever we seem fearful or stressed, we stay in the positive flow and see how the very best happens. Hindsight often proves this to us. We start looking at life as challenges for us to grow into the best people we can be, not just problems to be solved.

When things are going in a different way than what you have originally planned, when you get delayed or plans get changed, or even when that car in front of you is moving slower than you would like, say to yourself or affirm out loud, “Divine Order, I know this is happening for my best.” Relax and accept the situation exactly as it is. This puts you right back into your center of peace and serenity.

With practice this gets easier and easier, and you trust the process more and more. The great thing that is learned is that you do not have to give up your peace, no matter what is going on around you. As you fully accept what is happening around you, you stay out of any fearful emotions, and can act, not react to the situation. You feel more empowered in the process, not angry at yourself for giving your serenity away.

It has been wisely said, our serenity is in direct proportion to our acceptance of life. We can learn to let go of our fear-based thoughts, trust the Universal flow of life and enjoy the journey even more along the way. Practice acceptance and watch the change in your level of happiness.