No. 7 – Faith & Fear

Here, we want to talk about Faith and Fear. The Course in Miracles states there are only two feelings, love and fear, with all the other emotions that we experience falling under those two categories. With the remembrance of our Spiritual Nature and our connection to the source, we can eliminate all fear in our lives, but it takes a leap of faith to do that.

We all have such a fearful nature due to miscreating negative experiences for ourselves and with all the negative thoughts that play over and over in our minds. Our egos keep us in fear, trying to keep us from remembering our divinity and who we really are, trying to keep us less than, and thus in fear. Fear can alter our perceptions where we lose all sense of reality, turning neutral situations into nightmares. Fear focuses on the future, so if we can learn to stay in the present, we can take positive steps to ward off the effects of fear. Most of our fears will never come to pass, and if they do, foreknowledge probably wouldn’t make us any better prepared. But as we grow in faith, selfesteem and our trust in our Spiritual Source, we become capable of taking appropriate action in any situation.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, and Fear is the absence of Faith. Even a small amount to faith will start things changing in your life. All our thoughts are creative. When you are in the thought process of having faith and believing that good will happen, the Universe agrees with you and creates that belief. So having Faith creates the positive in our lives.

It takes that leap of faith to transcend the negative beliefs in your life. Try it, you might like it. Go about your days, staying in the thought process of always being connected to your Spiritual Source and see if your day doesn’t go more positively and with less fear. Let the letters of the word FEAR mean …. Face Everything And Receive (the truth). Most fears, when faced, vanish. Face yours and cultivate more faith in yourself and life, to create the life you want and deserve.