No. 9 – Gratitude & Joy

Here, we want to talk about gratitude and joy, which go hand in hand with spiritual growth. Gratitude is the basic ingredient for happiness. It is hard to be unhappy when you are thinking about all the things that you are thankful for.

We often take so much for granted and expect so much, failing to notice and appreciate the wonderful gifts of life around us. When we take an inventory of our life’s assets, we realize we are indeed rich. Our health, our families, our homes, and our friends account for so many of our blessings. A daily account of the little things we are grateful for keeps us in the affirming belief of the goodness in the Universe, and what life should be for us.

As we live more with an attitude of gratitude, we begin to give up the path of struggle, as a way to learn life’s lessons, and we are finally ready to embrace the path of joy. For many, living in joy requires a profound shift in their perception of reality. For so long many of us have played out negative dramas in our minds, only to have those expectations become a self-fulfilling prophecy. By staying in gratitude and choosing to live in joy, we learn to stop the dramas and trust in the goodness of life, expecting the best in every situation. In the creative process of life, as we have previously shared, what we focus on increases, so focusing on the good in life creates more of the same, thus increasing our joy.

The power of gratefulness is amazing. All the other spiritual principles we talk about will not blossom or flourish without gratitude. If you want to travel the spiritual journey, gratitude is not an option. We have so much to be thankful for, so much to smile about and share.

Life is like the two sides of a coin. There is a positive and a negative side to every situation. Our job is to see the positive in every situation and to stay in the gratitude and joy of the experience, knowing the positive it is there even if we can’t see it…yet. This keeps us grateful for every experience in life, knowing it is an opportunity for our growth. And the joy that comes from having a grateful heart keeps us motivated on this spiritual journey called life.

Cultivate and practice staying in gratitude daily, and watch the amazing transformation in your life. It is well worth the effort. Create your own happiness and joy.