No. 16 – Letting Go

Here, we want to talk about letting go… of the past, present and future events in our lives, which often weigh us down and keep us out of the present moment. Letting go takes faith and trust in the goodness of the universe, and maintaining the belief that we deserve the best life has to offer.

When we hold on to the past, we waste precious energy over something that can’t be changed. The past is really only a collection of thoughts and experiences that we went through to learn our life’s lessons and to bring us to our present awareness. If we choose not to let go of the past events, we need to look at why we are holding onto guilt or negative feelings, and then consciously choose to let them go.

When we hang onto the present, it is because of our need to control and our fear that things won’t go our way. Our fear is really an illusion because we truly can’t control anything except our own thoughts and actions. When we let go of today, we remind ourselves that there is a natural order to life and a chain of events that the Universe has in mind. As we let go of a situation, we allow life to unfold according to that plan. We can then enjoy the moment exactly as it is, or let other ways of thinking or behaving enter in.

When we won’t let go of the future, we again waste energy worrying about projected outcomes, often accompanied with fear. Change is inevitable and when we become willing to accept change, we can let go of our efforts to influence the future and become freer to experience the present. We rest in the belief that we are connected to the spiritual source and that the best will happen in every situation.

Holding onto the past, present or future is like trying to grasp water in our hands. The harder we grab, the faster it slips through our fingers. Learn to let go and reap the results of a happier, more joyous life.