Lemon Meditation

Let’s take a moment to do a small meditation to prove to ourselves just how powerful our minds are. We call this the Lemon Meditation.

We invite the viewers to join in and experience this process.

Shut your eyes for a minute and imagine you have a wonderful fresh lemon in your hand. Imagine feeling the skin, with all the little nubs on it. Hold it up to your nose, breathe in the lemony smell. Now imagine taking a small knife and cutting the lemon in half, seeing the juice squirt out when you put the knife into it. Now imagine bringing that lemon half up to your mouth and you taking a big bite into the lemon.  Is your mouth full of saliva? Saliva is the body’s way to protect the mouth tissues from acidic juices. You told your mind that you were putting something acidic into your mouth and the body responded. Yet physically that didn’t happen, only in your mind! Do you see how powerful your mind is?